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Username: richyhenderson
Date/Time: Thu, September 6, 2001 at 9:09 PM GMT
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Subject: One DECENT man on the Board : now STOP THE LANDRUSH


This is a massive courageous step by Robert Connolly. To call the sunrise an "abomination" and attack his own peers like this will cause him all manner of hassle from his own closely-knit industry.

I have found Robert to be a decent and considerate man, characterised by humanity and kindness.

How appropriate that a decent guy like this could not stomach what the Afilias myth had become.

This endorses and substantiates what has been said for weeks and lends massive backing to the various cases being put together by prosecutors.

I call on certain other individuals at Afilias to follow their consciences and copy his example.

I repeat the calls of this forum and the broader internet community for ICANN to intervene and HALT the Landrush process pending an investigation.

There remain some more details that two people really should release to the public now, but that is strictly their own decision.

Hal Lubsen, why have you presided over an outrageously unjust procedure (in its effects) and refused to take reasonable steps to right injustices, or communicate, or protect people who have trusted Afilias....

trusted Afilias, which has administered a "Sunrise Abomination" in the words of one - the most decent - of its Board of Directors?




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