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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 2:55 AM GMT
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Subject: Solution to NCBA and RegistryPro's Non-Performance on Applications


During the application process there were many who raised concerns regarding the difference between what was being stated (promised) in some applications and what could reasonably be promised and ultimately delivered. These concerns have recently been validated.

As it is clear that two applicants are either unable to or unwilling to perform on promises they made in their applications, it would be COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for ICANN to allow them to modify their applications after-the-fact. They should NOT be allowed to do so under any circumstances, as this would be unethical and further undermine the credibility of the application process.

IOD's .WEB application was, and still is, sound and more-than-viable on every level. They have been and continue to be ready to act on the promises made in their application word for word immediately, and without problems.

The .WEB application was based on an existing, thoroughly tested, and functional infrastructure - NOT PROMISES.

IOD's .WEB is clearly capable of DELIVERING IN FULL the promises presented to ICANN in their application. They are the known Pioneer of the .WEB registry and should be allowed to take the place of any applicant who cannot meet the promises of their original application. Additionally, it would be unethical for ICANN to accept non performance from any applicant and unfair to the most ready, able and willing applicant ... IOD/.WEB.

Best Regards,
Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.


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