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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 4:33 AM GMT
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Subject: ample justification to withdraw Afilias's contract - DNSO


Some of you may not yet have reas this.

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      Re: [ga] Afilias is cybersquatting

           Subject: Re: [ga] Afilias is cybersquatting
           From: Jeff Williams
           Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 12:18:46 -0700
           CC:, icann board address, Don Evans, Kathy
           Organization: INEGroup Spokesman

      Steinle and all assembly members,

Yes.  And what you show below is just the tip if the iceberg, so to
speak!  Our staff has found quite a number of other similar violations
from Afilias as well as Neulevel in this area.  We have forwarded them
to the USPTO and the DOJ for their information.

It would seem obvious that the ICANN BOD and staff have more than
ample justification for revoking afilias's and Neulevel's Registry contract immediately!  However, given the political bedfellows that these two companies are with certain ICANN BoD members is, it is very
doubtful that this action will be taken.  Yet, we [INEGroup] believe
that it should be, along with a stiff fine! wrote:

      > Afilias has registered many domain names which are in fact trademarks by other
      > parties. Afilias has registered and squatted on UK trademark 276801
      > (word only). But that is only one example. Below you can find some more.
      > SEARCH.INFO: They are squatting on UK trademarks (word only) 1056333, 1380291,
      > 1380292, 1436692, 1436693, 1459763 and 1572389
      > DOT.INFO: They are squatting on European trademark (word only) E1143700, on UK
      > trademarks (word only) 343477, 550623, 840483, 898994, 900985, 957376, 1121916,
      > 1534077 and 2151274
      > EMAIL.INFO: They are squatting on UK trademarks (word only) 987603, 987604 and
      > 1055042
      > Afilias has registered 150+ domain names. In fact they could register up to 10000
      > domain names according to the contract with ICANN. If we would check all the
      > registered domain names, I think this could proof that Afilias is one of the biggest
      > .info cybersquatter like YesNIC Co., LTD., an Afilias-authorized registrar.
      > Is a trademark "directory" or "dot" less worth than a trademark "apple" or "amazon"?
      > Is there a law for Afilias and another for us?
      > Why have a sunrise period, if even the registry is squatting on trademarks?
      > To view the sources of the information you can use these links:
      > (if you use DNS:
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                Re: [ga] Afilias is cybersquatting

                [ga] Afilias is cybersquatting

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