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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 9:15 AM GMT
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Subject: Is an illegal lottery good for the internet community?


       CORE was accused of attempting to create a domain lottery and
they were successfully stopped from doing so. The process was
originally called "round-robin".

One year later, this process was described by ICANN as a very good
solution. If ICANN had had a look at the comments from their own
members at large, they would have realized that this process was
going to create problems all over.

The lottery designed to allow registrars and registry to make more
money than ever before, is the real cause of the current problems,
not the fact, that new gtlds are introduced.

Nobody should be wondering, why the general public is not ready to
accept that ICANN "channels" the big money towards their own sponsors
at the cost of the average internet user dreaming of a "good" name.

Has ICANN the power to legalize obviously illegal actions, like such

The fact that applicants of new gtlds now even want to introduce
changes in their original applications, shows that they
submitted "nice" but unrealistic applications in order to be selected.

Should ICANN allow this to happen, they would openly accept being
deceived by their chosen applicants. This could make them look either
powerless or corrupt.

It's high time to tell those applicants that, if they change anthing
in their application, they will be replaced by another applicant who
keeps his promises.

So, ICANN ought to immediately react and throw out those applicants
who change their application during the process of implementation and
select Image Online Design's dot web ( It seems to me
that they are the only ones ready to start without any delay.

Those who prefer liars and corrupt methods (illegal lotteries)
to pioneer work (in full accordance with IANA and later ICANN),
are obiously not interested in a fair process.



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