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Username: Anthony 2nd
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 12:11 AM GMT
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  While so many of us are being proven correct on an hourly basis now one has to ask whether there is any evidence at all that ICANN can actually do its job. The group is so openly corrupt/incompetent that it reflects on the government as a whole. The Bush administration must surely shoulder the blame for NOT intervening while it has the chance. The application process was at best mist directed with ICANN looking after itself and its friends at the expense of the internet community. The SUNRISE process was one of the reasons ICANN said that they preferred Afilias to the already-prepared IOD bid for a generic TLD. While many of us said it was wrong it seemed that ICANN didn't care. Now we see that "", "" and even "" have been resereved as "trademarks". It was obvious what would happen so why did ICANN want this to happen? .info and .biz were both picked in preference to IOD's .web and both are riddled with problems that were pointed out in advance but ICANN ignored us. .pro and .coop cannot proceed as planned. Then why not pich the one company that has been ready for seven years? ICANN, IOD will not go away. This whole process is shown to be nothing more than a close network of insider dealing. How much longer can it continue?      


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