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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 2:01 PM GMT
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Subject: Your Reasons are Unfounded. Here are the FACTS


>> 1. Dot-web is in the ORSC.

IOD neither supports them nor runs them. The have NOTHING TO DO WITH ORSC. Additionally .WEB is in almost every alternative root but has nothing to do with them. In addition they have publicly stated their stand on a single authoritative root:


>> 2. Dot-web already has customers who are not currently seen by the ICANN root (including people taking corporate trademarks).

IOD "has customers" because they were originally given permission to establish and test the .WEB registry by Jon Postel starting in 1995. Whether or not the "ICANN root" sees those customers has nothing to do with the overwhelming evidence that IOD is ready and able to perform on the promises made in their application.

FYI: Here is IOD's statement supporting a single authoritative public root:

For immediate release, 12 July, 2001 - San Luis Obispo, California
Image Online Design - Public Policy Statement Supporting a Single, Authoritative Public Root for the Internet Domain Name System (DNS).

Image Online Design, Inc. (IOD), pioneer of the .Web Internet Domain Registry, actively, and openly, supports a single, authoritative public root for the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) and the management of that unique root in the public interest according to policies developed through community processes. IOD is convinced this policy will benefit both consumers and the Internet community.

IOD's involvement in the nascent stages of the DNS expansion are well known. In fact, since working with Dr. Postel in 1995 to introduce new Top Level Domain names, our sole mission has been - and remains - to operate the .Web registry within the single, authoritative public root. Because the management of the DNS must be in accord with the public interest and according to policies developed through community processes, we actively supported ICANN's creation. Further, we actively participate in ICANN public meetings, and in numerous ICANN various supporting organizations and working groups. Today, we continue our efforts by working from within the ICANN system, as a supportive participant. We support no other process.


IOD has provided stable and reliable registry services to more than 20,000 customers since 1996. IOD has applied to ICANN to operate the .Web registry, and will participate in future ICANN selection processes. Our growth over the years is due to our belief in building upon mechanisms that will ensure protections for all Internet users-not just our customers.

On May 28, 2001 ICANN President Stuart Lynn posted a paper titled, Discussion Draft: A Unique, Authoritative Root for the DNS, detailing ICANN's policy and affirming ICANN's commitment to a single, authoritative public root for the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Mr. Lynn's paper can be accessed at The issue Mr. Lynn raises in his paper seems to have polarized some within the community. During the ensuing dialog some comments have incorrectly identified Image Online Design (IOD) as operating an alternative root system in connection with its .Web registry. We would like to take this opportunity to set these errors aside. IOD neither operates nor supports an alternative root system.

We are aware that operators of alternative roots include IOD's .Web registry in their root server system - this inclusion is expected given the large number of .Web customers. However, IOD has no agreements, tacit or otherwise, about the inclusion of its .Web registry in any root server system. IOD's sole mission has been - and remains - to operate the .Web registry within the single, authoritative public root for the Internet Domain Name System (DNS).

IOD's experience in the market place makes us acutely aware of conflicts that threaten the integrity of the Internet's utility for consumers. Recent concerns have arisen about ICANN's apparent exclusive and sluggish TLD selection process. Even though IOD has, at times, shared these concerns, our leadership role moves us to ask the Internet community to continue to support a single, authoritative public root, and the selection process for additional domain names that will ultimately benefit both consumers and the community.


For additional information about IOD or this Public Policy Statement, please contact Image Online Design by email at

Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.


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