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Username: PissedJesus
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 6:44 PM GMT
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Subject: *I* happen to know his every mortal sin



>>... if you really have direct contact with these people please let us know who the anonymous person is behind the username "Slicer", because your comments might then hold water. After all, you know who we are. Otherwise you're just blowing hot air, and making blatantly false accusations to support your original statement.

ok, that statement automatically excludes you from ANY future conversation involving online rhetoric in ANY form. did you actually think that arguement was GOOD? if you would have utilized even 1 of the 2 brain cells you got sitting up in that empty shell of a head of yours, you'd immediately realize that YOU are just as anonymous Slicer.

just because you write your name down at the bottom doesn't mean you are who you say you are. i mean, shit, you do understand that i'm not really jesus, don't you?

>>Did Tauzin retract the statements? No!

another blazingly brillant arguement. so what if he hasn't yet retracted the statements? with no date to confirm when this letter was sent, he's either taken aback by his little fuck up and he's finally seriously researching these issues before the retraction is printed (you know, just to make sure he doesn't fuck up again), or the retraction confirmation hasn't been put in print yet. think about it, if YOU were a politician, and keep in mind what a politician does because so many of you here seem to forget that, would you immediately print a retraction and just admit that you FUCKED UP, or would you wait for the right time to put a spin on the issue here?

i know it's hard for you, but think good and long on this one.

even if a retraction SHOULD have been printed by now, the lack of your ability to find one doesn't mean he hasn't been corrected by evans.

>>Though many are counting on this, it is simply not true. I live in DC and I've spoken with and know several congressmen. They understand plenty.

Please let us know which congressmen you have spoken so that we can validate your statement.

well guess what? i sleep with the entire fuckin' house of representatives and once they're done gettin' off they get a little chatty. turns out, they openly admitted to me that they don't know JACK SHIT about any of this, but they're damn proud about how they're able to come off as though they wrote the fuckin' book on ICANN.

>>Again, your statements are unfounded and without merit. Pure speculation to support your position, which is riddled with holes.

YOUR arguements, however, are leakproof.

i wish you could see how hard i'm rolling my eyes right now.

and for that matter, how do we even know that letter is real? huh? maybe this is just another conspiracy like that area 5 thing?

how do you know?

Please explain how you know that he "knows all of Jack about politics" simply by his posting of Rep Tauzin's letter? ... and please, let us know who you are so that we can fully understand your position. You must be very well connected to know what Tauzin is doing in such detail.

i see you have problems with basic intuition as well. because he posted the letter as a retort to slicer's original analysis as though he were relying on the letter as his arguement, (here comes the intuition...) he must have believed everything in the letter to be correct. because of this naiviety, he knows all of jack about politics.

seems you're floatin' in the same boat.

as for knowing more politicians and YOUR credibility, look for the sarcasm in my sig.

Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.

Jesus, and a little pissed off
King of Heaven


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