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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 8:26 PM GMT
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Subject: Again, you clearly don't understand - Just as you have accused others of not understanding.


>> That's right. IOD had nothing to do with being placed in the alt-roots.

You are absolutely correct

>> It just sat there and let the alt-roots use its registry, not being active in the least.

Again, you are absolutely correct. IOD operates a live registry, therefor ANYBODY has access to their registry information ( ANYBODY). You are correct in your assumption that IOD had NOTHING to do with ORSC or any other alternate roots.

>> And now we're supposed to believe that your support of IOD isn't based on self-interest at all. Uh huh. That just speaks for itself.

Again, you are correct. Owning .WEB domains and publicly supporting IOD are two completely different issues.

Though I do own some .WEB domain names, my personal support and belief in IOD has evolved over a number of years. I have personally taken steps to validate the integrity of their organization on many levels and have found that the more you chip away at IOD the more personal integrity, sound business practices, and sound implementation of technology you uncover.

Though I would find it troubling if IOD's only available avenue to be established as a TLD was to have it's database wiped clean, I would still consider it a positive step for the Internet community (including you) to have them included in the A Root and would still support IOD solely because they are deserving of my support and deserving of inclusion into the A Root.

OF COURSE I own some .WEB domains, that's how I came to know IOD. I have some for my company, some for clients, some to donate to non-profit organizations. I also own domains but I don't publicly support them for many reasons. If your accusation was valid I would be supporting because I own domains but I don't support them.

I registered the following .WEB domains to give to two people without their asking:

arsdigita.web - I registered for Philip Greenspun at MIT because I respect him, appreciated that his book is online in entirety for free ( )and enjoyed attending his courses at MIT.

useit.web - I registered for Jakob Nielsen because I respect him as well, find his information to be invaluable and wanted to make sure that his domain was not snarfed by a squatter. ( )

I have also reserved many .WEB domains that I will donate to non-profits.

So my support of IOD and my registration of .WEB domain names are two completely different and unrelated issues. The only common factor is that I register .WEB domains because I believe in IOD.

>> Let's hope you really do have congressmen friends; that way, one of them can pull a Chandra Levy on you and we won't have to deal with your malodorous stench anymore.

It's truly sad that you attempt to cast hateful and unfounded aspersions toward others that differ with you.

>> Don't bother replying. I've decided that browsing anime porn is a better use of my time than bothering with you.

Suit yourself. I'm always open for discussion and more than comfortable with being proven wrong.

FYI, I have never sold a domain name to anyone EVER. The few .WEB domains that I own have already existing or future projects assigned to them.

Chris Grady
Vieodata, Inc.


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