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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, September 7, 2001 at 10:49 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Subject: The Senate Majorty Leader is very aware of Image Online Design Slicer


Rep Tauzin is not the only one that is aware of Image Online Design and their plight to get into the legacy root...

You'll never guess which state Senator Daschle is from?  I will save you the "google" search Slicer....Senator Daschle is from South Dakota.  I too am from this great state.  Trust me, he knows about Image Online Design rich history and is very concerned.  He is a very supportive Representative, and one that listens to his constinuents.  B.S does not wash with this Senator as he is very direct and to the point.  He understands that Image Online Design has set up a proof of concept registry system that has running code.  Image Online Design is not some "johnnny come lately"...He also knows that Image Online Design has a plan to protect TM holders from people with less than good intentions.  He knows they have the finacial backing...He knows they have many supporters...

This thread was not meant to start a "tit for tat" type argument....Image Online Design supporters are serious individuals who come from business and academic backgrounds.  You will find that we even have a lot of "non-profit" types who plan to do good with their dot web domains. 

So since we solved your problem about ORSC, and TM protection what is it that you don't like about Image Online Design?  Thought so...That is why they have been in this business a very long time...They "know" the DNS...literally!

BTW:  Thanks for giving us supporters the chance to refute every statement you have made thus far...



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