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Username: 410
Date/Time: Sat, September 8, 2001 at 2:49 AM GMT
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Subject: Your fight


Hey, look, the causes or struggles or objectives people claim as their own are subjectively chosen. You don't have to take up the torch, but I find it incredulous that you miss the point that these are people who have vested interests.

They deem something unfair that you think is irrelevant.
They deem something biased that you call fair.
They see impropriety where you see pure white snow.
They care about something that you don't care about.

I have to remember to jump down your throat the moment I see you speak passionately about something you believe in.

What precisely, is your gripe? The positions people take or the passion they speak about it? Or do you feel they are making weak arguments? I, for one, have seen the position herein expressed in a variety of ways throughout this and many other fora. Some epxress their positions well; others are less strong. However, the strength of a presentation does not make that which they refer to irrelevant.

Not everyone is a lawyer.

Sir, the bottom line in all of this, is that you are an attacker. And in the world of archetypes, that makes you "the bad guy."

But you are pretty pig-headed and can't fathom taking the positions you take, without pissing down people's throats.

Whatever. Have a good night. I am not likely to respond or even read your future comments. I suspected you were largely useless, and I am now convinced.

In fact, yet again, I will take a vacation from this board. The likes of you are making it a wasteland of civility -- and yes, intelligence.



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