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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 9, 2001 at 3:30 AM GMT
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Subject: beware your credit cards


I received advice on Sept. 5 from IDRegister (PSI USA Inc.) from whom I had purchased 13 preregistrations for names in the .info Landrush phase, that 10 of those names had been registered in the Sunrise phase.

They didn't of course mention that these 10 names had been registered fraudulently - due as we all now know - to the inadequacy of the .info rollout procedures and Afilias's unwillingness to protect the interests and equity of the legitimate Sunrise and Landrush applicants.

As apparently IDR has not received advice from Afilias to retain Landrush applications for names which may have been fraudulently  registered in Sunrise - IDR has taken it upon itself to secure a profit from the unfortunate Landrushers by billing them as they have done me - to the tune of USD$62.50 for each and every one of the names I had hoped to have a chance to win in a straight Landrush phase - but that have been taken in every case by frauds - whose bogus applications could so easily have been rejected by either the registrar IDR of the registry Afilias.

I don't want the tokens to purchase other names in the .info Landrush or in other extensions that IDR is offering - I want a chance in a straight Landrush - I don't when it is run - as long as it is straight and all names are in the barrel.

I don't remember ever reading the currently stated IDR policy on unsuccessful applications reproduced here:

     "IDR - Internet Domains Registry LTD policy toward unsuccessful  applications, is to allow the registrant to exchange the taken names with new domain applications, during the LANDRUSH period and later on during normal (online) registration period, also, you may exchange this credit toward other domain extensions (including .com, .org, .net and the soon to be .name and .pro), if so please advise us.
To exchange your names with new domain names, we will issue coupons for you, please see details below.

Business Class customers, have the option to a refund after deducting transaction fees or to have the full amount available for other purchases."

Will anyone with a pre-Sunrise record of the IDR policy on unsuccessful applications please post a copy.

I expect to have to pay if I am in the race, and if I am successful in registering a name for which I had bought a pre-registration - however - I do not expect or agree to pay in this manner for the incompetence or criminal behaviour of others.

The solution is so simple - either purge the frauds and run Landrush late - or run Landrush on time in a manner described by the Domebase proposal.

In the light of the manner in which Afilias and ICANN have run the .info rollout and the way in which IDR are making profits from the cybersquatting permitted by Afilias and ICANN, I plan to dispute each and every one of the ten charges against my credit card by IDR.

What you do is your decision - but I hate seeing the few who orchestrated the .info rollout and those who participated as registrars, get rich at my expense.

Unless we continue to make a stand - shout, enough is enough, that there has been too much abuse of power and influence, that the events of the Afilias .info rollout must never be allowed to be repeated - there will be no change, and the people responsible for the shame of .info will be left in their current positions to continue to abuse their authority and trust, for their own benefit, at the expense of the broader Internet community.


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