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Username: icanncant
Date/Time: Sun, September 9, 2001 at 5:51 AM GMT
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Subject: The Bullsh$t Afilias Presentation



Below is the Afilias Powerpoint presentation by Roland LaPlante.
Do you believe the balls on this guy calling the "results satisfactory"!
This has gone way beyond any innocent incompetence and has become a condoned fraud with nothing but contempt for the public.

Afilias has done nothing and will do nothing to do what's right
ICANN has done nothing and will do nothing to do what's right

Sorry but ICANN's and Afilias's weak press releases about fixing things "down the road" is about as meaningful as the "checks in the mail" BS!

Landrushers have been bent over this whole time but now they will be F$cked. Wanna bet?
Presented by: Roland A. LaPlante, Chief
Marketing Officer, Afilias
GA, DNSO Meeting – Montevideo
8 September 2001

>The results from Sunrise have been very satisfactory.

Overall, we registered 52,245 names.
One of the biggest pieces of news is that the majority of these registrations came from Europe, confirming our believe going in that .INFO, because of it’s international appeal, would be very popular outside the US.  And so it is.

Within Europe, Germany has the largest share, with 20% of all registrations coming from Germany alone!  Austria is second, the UK is third, and Switzerland is fourth!  Top honors on this outstanding performance go to Speednames, Schlund, CORE, EPAG, and Register!

And, the majority of the world’s top brands have already nailed down their space in .INFO.  Coca-cola, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel, AT&T, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Nescafe, Ericcson, Samsung, and the list goes on and on.  Not only have they registered their names, they’ve registered their selling lines, with and among others.

I know the real proof will come when these sites are up and different from their current corporate sites.  And we are woprking on that.  However, Since we only opened our doors 6 weeks ago, this is tremendous progress for a new brand and you should all be proud of the work you’ve done to make this happen.<



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