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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 9, 2001 at 8:30 AM GMT
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Subject: stealth, self-interest, deceit, negligence, incompetence, and plain


        downright criminal deception and fraud - and those are just the good things about the Afilias/ICANN .info rollout.  (I won't differentiate between Afilias and ICANN due to the incestuous nature of their Boards of Directors who are personally and collectively responsible for the shameful events of the .info rollout.

I posted earlier that my credit card had been hit on to the tune of USD$62.50 by IDRegister via PSI USA Inc. for every Landrush name I had preregistered through them that had been fraudulently registered in Sunrise.

Taken to its natural conclusion, were every unscrupulous registrar to do as IDR have done, raided my credit card account, when the industry's controlling body ICANN, the responsible - I use the term losely - registry Afilias, and the registrars could have ensured that the fraudulent Sunrise applications were not processed, then I could have a credit card bill of 10 x 10 x USD$62.50 = USD$6,250 for what - no show, not even a start in the Landrush stakes.

What IDR have done - as I have little chance of making them any more money with my three remaining preregistrations I have through them for Landrush - IDR have taken the opportunity to grab some cash and effectively reduce my capability of paying for any of the other names I have registered through other registrars.

Not prepared to continue feeding on minnows, the sharks are ensuring that other sharks can't feed.

Come Black Wednesday 12 September, I wouldn't be surprised if I have no credit with which to pay for any .info domain I might win in the lottery.

Just as a footnote on stealth, my credit card printout indicates that DomainDirect/Tucows has evidently been purging my Landrush preregistrations and crediting my account as the names I had wanted to have a chance to win in Landrush were fraudulently registered in Sunrise.

I am grateful for the credits - not all the registrars are as low as IDR - however, I would not have know that Tucows was purging Landrush preregistration unless I had detected irregularities in my accounts.

I hope that when the shit settles, sites like Domebase, the internet challenge and ICANNwatch maintain a perpetual record of the performances of the different registrars during this saga in order that new and oldcommers may choose to boycot those who decided to join the feeding frenzy.



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