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Username: richy
Date/Time: Sun, September 9, 2001 at 12:41 AM GMT
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Subject: The Honesty of Robert Connelly


This is a CLASSIC example of trying to marginalise and besmirch somebody when they become a threat to the establishment.

Let me correct the previous post NOW.

Robert Connelly's PSI-Japan have in my experience been one of the most accessible and decent of all the registrars I have encountered.

They do NOT take your money unless your name is actually registered. They ask your bank to "reserve" a sum (a fairly common practice) but that sum does not get transferred to them unless you get the name.

I am a poor schoolteacher trying to bring up a family of kids. I decided I wanted to reduce the number of domains I was applying for half way through the summer. Some companies would let me, some wouldn't.

Robert and his son Duane couldn't have been more helpful. We exchanged several e-mails (Robert always answered immediately) and although I was causing them inconvenience, they were always courteous and immediately cancelled my transactions and my money remained mine.

IN CONTRAST: the great Afilias that Mr Bernstein YET AGAIN tries to justify has been stunning in its inaccessibility over the past weeks: inaccessible to customers; inaccessible to Robert Connelly himself. They have presided over a process that has resulted in thousands of HONEST customers being defrauded.

I would like to assure you: Robert Connelly is HONEST.

His "offence" is that he had the courage to speak out against the perpetrators of an injustice, and that he was prepared to consider fairness and honesty and other human beings - not merely money.

Richy Henderson       


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