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Username: richy
Date/Time: Sun, September 9, 2001 at 3:51 PM GMT
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Subject: Sunrise Squatters raised in Uruguay


Hi Robert

The following message has just been read out at the Conference by Vint Cerf, which I sent for the pre-lunch session:

"In the light of the following facts: 4981 names registered to one Austrian applicant who admits his claims are false : none deleted. 5000 other applications, many with facially ludicrous details : none deleted. False applications, like hawaii and, made for Afilias Board members : none deleted. Requests from applicants themselves to delete their false names : none deleted. Failure of Afilias to protect the interests and expenses of Landrush customers, through inadequate scrutiny of appliactions, and loss of 95% of most popular generic names to fraudsters. In the light of all these facts: Is the Afilias Sunrise an "outstanding performance" as RlaPlante says, or is Robert Connelly's criticism of an "abomination" Sunrise justified? And will the .info Landrush be SUSPENDED until the Domebase solution can be implemented in a fair and orderly way? Is the 'testbed' process so sacrosanct that it is more important than honesty, the protection of honest Landrush customers, and the good name of Afilias and ICANN?"

Vint Cerf asked Stuart Lynn if he wanted to comment but he declined.

So, yes, the issue of Sunrise Squatters has been raised, and yes, it is possible to get your ideas heard.



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