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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Mon, September 10, 2001 at 11:11 PM GMT
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Subject: It's the label and stigma....


        The biggest problem here is that notion of "eligibility" which opens up a whole can-of-worms on subjectivity.

People have to understand the meaning and value of a "speculator" in the advancement of modern economy. Most academics will not for a second argue the value of entrepreneurs who risk their time and money to speculate on uncertain situations.

The trick here is to mis-label this group as something completely different "cyber-squatters." Sounds more like public enemy number one, scum, leeches etc. Remember, not long ago short-selling a stock was considered an un-patriotic act worthy of a lynch-mob.

The establishment hates individuals that move too fast, if you're too quick than the rest, you have to be evil..
Don't get me wrong, I think that anyone who goes and registers is indeed an idiot and deserves to be called a cybersquatter, but the person who gets (without resorting to fraud) will most likely sell it to the person or entity that wants it so bad that they will actually create something useful out of it.

It's the natural selection of life, the agile predators help advance the development of the food chain. A world ruled by large slow moving creatures, makes for nothing more than natural-gas and some colorful fossils. 



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