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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Thu, September 13, 2001 at 8:44 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: People do not realize - surveillance society


People may think they are just being watched on the Internet.

It is not - it is EVERYTHING - Internet - bank transactions - phone - fax - mobile - everything.

This is the same as having somebody watching everything you do.

All your finances available for them to scrutinize - heaven help you if you cannot account for every penny when they check on your taxes.

They could do this real-time.

All your personal emotions in private emails, your fears about health worries and your personal quirks in web-sites you visit.

They have software that can do this analysis for them.

All your inner-most secrets will be open to them.

But, they will say - you've nothing to fear - if you are not breaking the law.


Here in the UK:

Roadside digital cameras will soon be able to keep a permanent record of all your journeys, (times, varying speed and route) throughout the rest of your life.

It can even tell the driver - 84 bytes of data is all that is needed for unique point to point profile of your face.

Believe the figure was 84 bytes or thereabouts - with near instantanious search of millions of records.

Along with in-town pedestrian cameras - it will be handy for the police, to look back on historical records of your movements during a crime.

This information will cost couple of pennies (per person) a year to keep - searchable by all fields - car - passenger - driver - time - speed - location - etc.

But, they will say - you've nothing to fear - if you are not breaking the law.


The "you've nothing to fear - if you are not breaking the law." argument is made to pressure people to acquiesce - else appear guilty.

It does not address the real reason, why they want this information - they want a surveillance society.

This is too valuable for them not to use.

Do you not think all this is an invasion of your basic human rights to privacy?


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