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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Fri, September 14, 2001 at 1:55 AM GMT
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Subject: The honor of gas station owners


        Afilias created that whole environment of uncertainty and vagueness. Instead of a deadline they came up with a "date-range". They hide behind the labels of "experimental", "unexpected" and " technical glitch"

They gave everyone an opportunity and excuse to abuse, cheat and manipulate this farce of a process.

It was quite obvious that the attraction of stooping low to squeeze some more bucks was too hard to ignore but telling people they were doing it out of "fairness" is a little over the top.

The fact that they were also increasing the bidding increments to $10 must be attributed to their sense of duty towards their loyal customers. They must have thought of this one as a tribute to NY gas station owners who were charging $5 a gallon in the wake of Tuesday's sad tragedies.          


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