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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, September 14, 2001 at 9:24 PM GMT
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Subject: an enforcable code of practice needed for registrars


It's time for registrars to be made to operate according to a code of practice that will protect the consumer.

I know in the eight months of intensive hunting for one-name-once -only .info cueues to preregister the names I wanted most - I became disbelieving at some of the stunts that some registrars were performing and increasingly angry that these registrars were being permitted to stand in the market place and rip-off the unsuspecting.

I can remember feeling that I had been stung when dealing with - apparently an E-name Co affiliate - that when preregistering and without forewarning - my credit card was first hit for a Deluxe (read - one name once only cueuing) Service USD$19.95, then immediately for an additional USD$16.95 for what - for pre-registration VERIFICATION!!!!!

God help us.  We deserved better.  We first had to swim through the sharks - then we had to deal with a registry Afilias and then the governing authority ICANN ho are dealing with us in the same way.

By the way - it will come as no surprise to you that that all my names preregistered and VERIFIED through Co were registered to fraudulent applicants in the Sunrise.


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