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Username: kbritt
Date/Time: Sat, September 15, 2001 at 1:43 AM GMT
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Subject: Agree


      You also have to take into account that there are no big, reputable companies carrying anything other than a .com (and maybe a .net/.org) ... you just don't hear of .tv companies. 

Now maybe if NBC picked up something like it would start to carry weight, but that reality aint.  Maybe I'm wrong -- so show me one guy who has successfully speculated .tv or built a business around it.

Compound this with the .info Sunrise fiasco, and you now have a new TLD that has no weight, and a rapidly expanding public awareness of lack of integrity.  What legitament business will want a .info?  Only the speculators and squatters. 

My efforts have been to try to get some more news coverage on the .info situation.  The more public awareness we can raise on the fraud, the more likely the situation will have to be remedied (I hope). 


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