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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sat, September 15, 2001 at 5:50 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN and Afilias will be happy if we all look the other way


as a result of Tuesday's tragedy in the US.

I had become so disenheartened with the Afilias .info rollout events that I had just started what I had planned to be my last post to the forum when the Australian national boadcaster took up the CNN feed from NY and Washington.

I watched with the same disbelief and dismay as every other reasonable person as the pentagon burned and the WTC towers collapsed, and ended up going to bed about four hours later, telling myself that I had watched enough horror in four hours to last a lifetime.

Like Richy, I had a new perspective on what had consumed me for eight months, not caring at all for the outcome of the Landrush lottery, and wondering whether I would do as Richy has done and cancel my cards. Afterall, the names I had most wanted and had invested most in had been fraudulently registered in Sunrise, a process devised and supported by the registry and the governing body - who, when they issued one of their rare public statements -  lied by omission - never addressing the facts or the concerns or interests of the paying Internet community. 

It is apparent by their involvement in the the Afilias .info rollout, the most influential members of ICANN and Afilias and a number of accredited and affiliated registrars are not people to be trusted and are unworthy of the authority with which they have been invested.

For no other reason than to rid ICANN and Afilias and some registrars of a culture which puts the Internet community at risk when dealing with them, I urge everyone to remember what the seemingly unprincipled principals of ICANN and Afilias and some registrars have done out of self interest, at a quite considerable cost, especially to the unwitting Landrushers.

It seems to me that the waters will always be dangerous to Internet swimmers as long as the biggest sharks hold positions of influence in ICANN and some registrars are permitted to eat the unwary or inexperienced.

The tragedy of Tuesday does not change the fact that apparently corrupt individuals are corrupting the management of the Internet, and unless those who have been affected by sham and shame of the Afilias .info rollout do something to ensure that those responsible for what has happened are not permitted to do it again, then who will protest for some transparency, some accountability, some integrity, some sustainability and broader participation in the management of the Internet in order that the events of the Afilias .info rollout are not revisited in another name?


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