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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Sat, September 15, 2001 at 4:09 PM GMT
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Subject: One of the registrars is asking to have Land Rush delayed for undefined period of time


A registrar in New York is asking to have the Land Rush period delayed for an undefined period of time.  I am sympathetic, but remember how the thousands of Land Rush pre-registrants pleaded with Afilias to act on the Sunrise frauds (such as adopting the DomeBase Proposal) before Land Rush?  Afilias ignored them and they were cheated out of the vast majority of their Land Rush pre-registration fees. I have heard that many of them have resigned themselves to working with whatever pickings are left over after the cheats have eaten as much as they want.  If the Land Rush is delayed/cancelled now, they will be cheated again.  (To say nothing of SOME of the registrars who are acting like vultures -- charging for names that are not available...tacking on new charges every minute, etc.).  If any action is taken, action MUST include full adoption of the DomeBase proposal.

I have worked and worked and tried and tried to publicize and encourage the adoption of a solution which would have benefited everyone.  It has been very frustrating to see injustice compound injustice.  I don't know what is more amazing -- the fact that Afilias has not taken action to redeem the Land Rush or the fact that one person outside Afilias who could probably have implemented the DomeBase Proposal told me "It is all BS."  That person wanted nothing to stop the Land Rush from happening on schedule.  Well, what now?


Link: DomeBase Proposal

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