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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Sat, September 15, 2001 at 10:40 PM GMT
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Subject: What the hell are you talking about?


Listen asshole

The Domebase solution is the only decent proposal and the only just proposal to be put forward

Robert Connor is a decent man and a just man

SO YOU THINK FUCKING AFILIAS'S FUCKING SOLUTION IS JUST? Don't give me that you whimpering apology for a shithead

It's simple isn't it? Trying to defame the guy who has walked a straight path and made the honest proposal


America the fucking land of the free

Don't make me laugh my ass off

Get this straight dickless : nobody believes your allegations about Robert Connor and that's not the relevant issue anyway...

The issue is Afilias have acted disgracefully in the opinion of many sane people in this forum and worldwide

Don't you GET it? This kind of fraud and lack of decency is EXACTLY what makes people HATE America elsewhere in the world.

No word has come from them about any serious suggestion or remedy... no apology... no action to protect innocent customers

So you think it's wrong for Robert Connor to speak out? To propose the obvious just solution

Oh sorry! I forgot! This is America! Land of free speech!

America is a land of the very best of people. It is also a land of greedy profiteers.

Which do you reckon Robert Connor is? For fuck's sake shut the fuck up if you're going to smear guys like him

He's stood up against wrong. Like a beacon. Sort of guy that makes America good and great.

He has my respect and many other people's too. His solution is right. His principles are right.

We in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with people like Robert Connor. The best of America. But as for the slugs that leave their trail of slime wherever they crawl - I crush them under my boots like they deserve to be crushed - they are not worthy of America or anywhere else.

Robert Connor...

Thank you for everything you have done
Thank you for standing up for right in the face of injustice
Thank you for your quiet faith and decency and patience


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