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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 16, 2001 at 3:33 AM GMT
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Subject: SPYProductions - hmmm


I am so glad I don't seem to have received the SPYproductions mail incorporated in the above posting - I am afraid that even having watched the WTC towers collapse and the Pentagon burn in real time thanks to CNN (taking more than 70 Aussie lives) I would have had to vomit had I read that message when it was originally sent - and that was before the first of my mails from SPY today saying that thay had failed in an attempted credit card capture of payment in full for the names I have live with them for Landrush.

I have advised them to delete half the names - more money wasted and diminished chances of winning those names still preregistered with other registrars.  So what else could I have expected from the ICANN/Afilias .info rollout!!

I have mentioned in other posts the development of a culture which starts with ICANN and obviously extends through Afilias and some registrars.  I think it is exemplified here with the SPYproductions unsolicited mail referring to the horrors of Tuesday.  These are fine words - but we have learned from the events of the .info rollout, fine words from the likes of ICANN, from Afilias and some registrars mean nothing, although at first they seem to engender honesty and integrity, right thinking and right deeds.

It is repugnant that Lars Hindley - the man who tempted us all to cheat - and cost so many of us so much money and so many opportunities when the corrupt and gullible took up his invitation - would send such a mail.  This is just one of the tricks, the corruption of values,  that will cease once the current executive of ICANN and their corrupt culture have been replaced with ones whose first and foremost aim is the preservation of the public interest in a public good.

Put Lars Hindley's SPYproductions on Richy's shame file with a bullet.


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