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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 16, 2001 at 6:28 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias - where the world goes for frustration and disappointment


Thanks IA for the relay of RegTech's advice to you.

Seems to me that while there was obligation on RegTech to advise its customers whether Afilias had provided registrars with directions to preserve Landrush applications for apparently fraudulently registered Sunrise names - if RegTech had been advised, one would assume, given the impact upon its customers's money spent on preregistrations and their hopes for a chance at what they thought they were buying - a chance in a straight lottery, then I suspect that RegTech would have shared this information.  As it did not, then we have to assume that Afilias's earlier statement about their considering a Landrush 2 was crap - tru to their policy that Landrush customers can FOAD.

Afilias and ICANN and a number of registrars seem to want to do everything they can to alienate their customer base and undermine their customers's trust and confidence.

It seems that at every opportunity, Afilias and ICANN and a number of registrars have behaved as though they have never heard of best practice and the longterm benefits of being truly business professionals.

It's time, if not overdue, for the appropriate US government department's intervention into this shambles and remove the influence of those in positions of authority within ICANN.  At the same time, suspension of Afilias's authority to manage the .info extension should occur with the postponement of the Landrush until that time when the reasonable expectations of the Landrush customers can be met.

It gives me no solace to know that the roles of the major players will one day be public knowledge, and if there is any justice, none will be permitted to be involved or connected with anything to do with the Internet.  We can assume that those who orchestrated the fiasco of the  Afilias .info rollout have other business interests, but none with the same capacity to cheat honest folk.



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