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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 16, 2001 at 7:25 AM GMT
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Subject: No - photos don't speak for themselves - it takes


fundamentalist lunatics like you to put your naive interpretations on them, and while there are loons about like you, there will be people who will continue to believe that American foreign policy is for the good of all and affects no one adversly, and believe that no one group or community could feel so badly disadvantaged, so cruely treated, that they could take their own lives with those of thousands of others in the dispicable acts we saw on Tuesday.

I think a reasonable explanation for why Tuesday's atrocities were able to be committed is that the US has dedicated itself to expensive high tech intelligence and defence systems, when it should have continued to support and recruit as it used to, bright young things who were oustanding language students in college and university, who fell in love with a foreign country and were in positions in those countries to provide current and accurate assessments of what was occurring there.  Good old fashioned spying - it's hard to beat.

Contrary to what you say about athiests - I suspect many are open minded and prepared to consider reasonable new information and perspectives and I personally fear nothing which would shake my world view.  I am open and always willing to learn, but I have learned that fundamentalist of any creed are intolerant and can be dangerous.

The smoke from a funeral pyre a spiritual being?  I don't think so.

Please take up your genuine concerns with your president - though what the dullest man ever almost elected to the White House knows about foreign policy I think you could shove up his ass without him knowing about it.

best regards my friend


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