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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 16, 2001 at 8:46 PM GMT
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Subject: the mute Afilias makes the changes it wants


Seems to me that the delays announced have nothing to do with the events of Tuesday, rather, Afilias is giving its registrars more time to hit everyone's credit cards before the crooked lottery starts.

So much for the assurances that our credit cards would only be debited in the event of a successful registration.  How many of us entered into preregistration agreements with particular registrars at a particular time, because of such assurances? 

What would a lawyer say about such important changes to the agreement between a customer and a trader, or a whole class of traders and a whole class of customers?  You can bet there is fine print there somewhere that says the registrar can change the terms of the agreement at any time without forewarning to the customer.

For reasons like this we have to continue to fight to make public the events of the Afilias .info rollout and make public the names of the ICANN and Afilias execs who must take responsibility for orchestrating the fiasco.

Until the current culture which pervades ICANN and Afilias is replaced with one with a customer service focus, Afilias and its registrars web sites should display a prominent customer advisory or consumer warning.  In the mean time, the honest amongst the Afilias registrars should not have concerns - other than guilt by association.

I would like to think that the single queue advice is because of the number of application cancellations which have occurred because of the predations on our credit cards.


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