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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Mon, September 17, 2001 at 11:25 AM GMT
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Subject: I have TMs Rachel- just as good as yours!!


Rachel, you will not be surprised to learn that I too have a trademark or two.  Mine is for "The Great Hal Lubsen" with which I plan to establish - you guessed it - "The Great Hal Lubsen Fan Club".

You won't be at all surprised to know that my TM was registered on February 29, 2001 in the CAR.  CAR I hear you say - dur - the Central African Republic - it's in Africa stupid!   Registration Number 08091951 - which by coincidence is my sister's birthday.

I suspect that mine is the only TM ever registered in the CAR, but I would be surprised if you could find evidence of it.  I had a copy, but my dingo ate it.  You will just have to take my word for it.

You should be aware that I have also registered the TM - "The Completely Unauthorised Hal Lubsen" - yes - you know where I am going don't you - with which I plan to establish "The Completely Unauthorised Hal Lubsen Fan Club".  I think competition is good, don't you Rachel - it brings out the best in people - and registrars.

And yes, there is more Rachel - you are not looking happy Pet, I plan to write "The Completely Unauthorised Hal Lubsen Biography" - are those squeals of delight I hear Rachel? - subtitled with the great man's own bywords - "Customer Satisfaction Is A Must".  It will tell a story of one man's struggle with truth and justice, and I think it has block buster written all over it.

I have already pre-sold it into every half-reputable Graduate School of Management in the world to use as a classic case study for young business moguls wanting to learn how to turn a silk purse into a sow's ear.

I have enough material now to write chapters on Business Planning, sub-titled - how the great man discovered that you will make more money if you have customers; Risk Management, sub-titled - how the great man discovered the risks of having no risk management policy; Business Communications, sub-titled - let the VP Marketing make an ass of himself - that's what he's paid for, or, lies by omission, or, better still -  tell'em nothing; and Customer Relations, sub-titled - STFU then FOAD.  Still trying to tease out chapters on business ethics and best practice, but finding it hard to find material and will probably just lump them both under a chapter on marketing, sub-titled - promise them the world, until you have their money.  I think a generation of MBA students will be thrilled to learn the ways the great man has given new meaning to the sayings - crash or crash through , and, win-win. 

You will be delighted to know Pet - why are you tapping your boots? - that I plan to publish it on the net at - which a dear friend of mine in Australia registered this afternoon - it looks so nice in the whois - just above all of DomainBank's Afiliaswhatever.coms.

And because you think I am making this up - the TM for "The Completely Unauthorised Hal Lubsen" was registered in the nation of the Bikini Atoll - yes it was - those Bikinians are such lovely people - but still pissed-off about the bombs and the fact that the Tuvaluans lucked out with the .TV people.  Cross my heart and hope to die - registered on February 29, 2001, Registration Number 06031962 - which by coincidence is my birthday.  But don't go looking for it, I am sure it's probably radioactive.  The dingo ate my copy and now he fluoresces in the dark.

Rachel, do you have a problem with that?

For those who can't wait for the book - STFU=shut the f*ck up
FOAD=f*ck off and die


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