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Username: sfeibish
Date/Time: Tue, September 18, 2001 at 9:52 PM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V5.0 using Macintosh PowerPC
Subject: "payment authorizations" are not charges (unfortunately)


"payment authorizations" limit the credit you have
left on your credit card.

When I clicked the checkbox I thought I was
authorizing the registrar to charge me when
the name was successfully registered.

I think now what I was actually authorizing
was the placement of a "payment authorization"
on my credit card.

What happened to me is that on one credit card
one registrar made a number of "payment authorizations"
until 1/3of the credit limit was used up.  At that time
the credit card company put a "security lock" on
the card causing any subsequent "payment authorizations"
by the same and other registrars to fail.

On another card, I agreed to the registrar putting
a "payment authorization" on any name I submitted. 
My stupidity.  The registrar put payment authorizations
on 2-character names, country names, names taken in
Sunrise, etc.  I think what should have been a "payment
authorization" of about a $1000 turned into $5000 -
wiping out the available credit on the card and making it
unavailable for other registrars to whom I had given the
credit card number.

Steve Feibish       


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