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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Wed, September 19, 2001 at 9:22 PM GMT
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Subject: geez Rach - we could have been so good together - what with


my boot fetish and our shared plans to air as much Afilias dirty linnen as possible.

Seems to me that you have already cornered the market for Hal Lubsen fan clubs and you will continue to inadvertantly brown nose and pander to Hal's ego.

I think I will stick with the perfect type-in "" which I will operate like a traveller's advisory - providing a warning to the Internet community of Afilias and its worthy registrars's perfomances during the fiasco.  The idea appeals to my community service nature.  (Please send any spare photos of the major players.)

What do they say - Afilias - where the world goes to get screwed.

On that point Sweetheart - Aussie boys don't suffer from perpetual cold the way Scots boys do.  Haven't you seen the current fastest white man on earth in his lycra running pants - an Aussie - he's hung like a horse, but we call him shortie here. Do you think it is coincidence that Australia is the original home of SPEEDOs, the original dick togs - as we call them here, specifically designed to reduce dick drag in the pool or surf.  And what do you make of the fact that 7 of the current top 10 female pole vaulters are Aussie girls - with the others, what, a Russian and 2 Americans doing all their pre-games training here.

These are hard facts Rachel - better than any photos of Casper in the smoke, news paper editorials and hokie images of whatevers behind Tippa and Al.

Your Antipodean Fan.



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