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Username: vera-city
Date/Time: Thu, September 20, 2001 at 5:44 AM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: and those pesky TM numbers!


      Would have thought Lorenz could have counted to 5 like just about everyone else instead of using NONE! Geez, What a dunce! Use your fingers buddy! ---And how that country? Yeah, I took a vacation to Nome once. Cold Place. Huh? It's not Nome?'s NONE! The country of NONE! The Republic of NONE! Somewhere in the Bermuda Quadrangle. Near Erewhon I presume. Former colony of The Duchy of Grand Fenwick. ---Okay, how about at least a TM name? What?...NONE again? That boy's got a fixation all right. ---Wait, I've figured it all out. On the home page it says: ".Info Trademark Requests". The poor bozo probably thought he was requesting a trademark, not registering a domain...and why not? charges enough for their top notch service. ---Of course nothing so ridiculous as NONE could ever slip by the rules at and then yet again by the vigilant gaze of Afilias...shucks, maybe it happened when they were temporarily distracted stuffing their pockets full of cash. I tell you folks, this is better comedy than watching Curly, Larry and Moe.


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