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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 23, 2001 at 1:43 AM GMT
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Subject: a lottery without first prizes - but it's all our fault!!


So, if you are still feeling defrauded of the chance to take part in a lottery with the glittering first prizes that you could reasonably have expected to be available, the ones you for which you bought all those tickets  - then the Gaming Authority hasn't heard about it, the Lottery Promoter seems unconcerned and has absolved itself of responsibility for withdrawing the first prizes, and doesn't fear us, because it has an agreement with the ticket sellers, who only sold you tickets on condition that you waive any and all claims against the Lottery Promoter - then we only have ourselves to blame.

Can't you see that it is all our fault.  If none of us had bought any tickets, none of this would have happened, we wouldn't have lost our money and we wouldn't be feeling pissed-off.

Our mistake was believing that the principals of the Gaming Authority and the Lottery Promoter were disinterested parties, and that the lottery would be conducted honestly and fairly.

We overlooked the fact - and this is why it is all our fault - the Gaming Authority and the Lottery Promoter are one and the same - and it was never in their plan to give us a fair shake.

Don't waste your time complaining to the Gaming Authority - there's no one home - and besides, its all out fault anyway.

Heaven help the Landrushers.

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