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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 23, 2001 at 3:40 AM GMT
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Subject: What's happening to the Landrush lottery tickets and money


of the applicants who sought names fraudulently registered in Sunrise?

Before Sunrise, you could have been mistaken for thinking that Landrush applicants/customers were important people, given the effort to have us purchase preregistrations.

However, once the scale of the ICANN and Afilias orchestrated Sunrise cybersquatting became apparent, neither can bring themselves to even say the word "Landrush".

In fact we know, ICANN can't bring itself to say a single word - "good boy, such a clever watchgood", and Afilias - well, we have the PR  speak of RLP which has given none of us with pre-Sunrise Landrush preregistrations any joy.

What we seem to be heading for is no solution - a Landrush with the Afilias .info registry in tatters - and possibly more than 10,000 Landrush names unavailable because of Afilias breaches to its ICANN-NSI Registry Agreement - failing to administer its RLAs, namely; "Requiring registrars to obtain accurate registration information from all domain name registrants" (E5.1 of the Afilias's proposal and undertaking to ICANN in regard to the .info registry) - without public confirmation that our Landrush tickets are still valid for a Landrush 2, or that we will get refunds, because the prizes for which we bought tickets have been withdrawn, due to the action and inaction of of Afilias and ICANN.

If the principals of Afilias and ICANN are to salvage anything by way of personal and corporate reputations from the abomination of the .info rollout, it will rest upon a public announcement prior to the Landrush lottery draw that the Landrush applicants and their preregistrations have not been forgotten, and that Afilias has plans in place for a responsible and equitable solution for the thousands of Landrush applicants.

There are many elements of the Afilias .info rollout that can not now be changed, and for which the principals of Afilias and ICANN will be held responsible, but there is time for an announcement that may go some way to ameliorating the .info fiasco for the Landrushers and begin the rebuilding of Afilias and ICANN credibility.

If the principals of Afilias and ICANN continue their silence on the matter of pre-Sunrise Landrush applicants and the money they spent on preregistrations, then heaven won't help them when they are held accountable for the avoidable costs of the maladministration of the DNS authority and the .info registry launch.

Heaven help the Landrushers.   


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