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Username: richy
Date/Time: Sun, September 23, 2001 at 12:27 AM GMT
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Subject: Afilias were warned in advance about rogue registrars


This is a copy of a letter I sent on 15th July to Afilias, which I also cc'd to Vint Cerf and Dan Halloran. I received no reply from Afilias:

e-mail JULY 15TH:
"Please could you advise me on a concern I have about the administration of the .info domains during the "Start Up" period?

As an ordinary member of the public, I have applied to a number of certified registrars to apply for certain .info domain names.

My concern and question is this:

What is there to stop a registrar applying for popular domains themselves (or through their friends) even if I have paid them to apply on my behalf? (Almost all registrars charge a nominal sum, but it is not the sum that concerns me, rather the right and access of the general public to domain names in a transparent process)

What process exists to protect members of the public from an indiscreet registrar applying for popular names in their own interests? What safeguards are there?

Richard Henderson "

Afilias did not bother to reply.
Vint Cerf replied as follows:
" registrars are not supposed to "trade for their own account" so to speak. I copied stuart lynn, ceo, and louis touton, general counsel, in case they have additional specifics to offer."

But I never heard from Stuart Lynn or Louis Touton.



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