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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Sun, September 23, 2001 at 1:30 PM GMT
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Subject: Dear Antipodes


                You once encouraged me when I as down.  I appreciated that.  It is true that reasonable requests and constructive proposals have been met with silence... like we do not exist.  An amazing way to treat customers.  It is also true that this may continue.

From one perspective, the game may be over for honest folks who pre-registered for the Land Rush period for the great majority of valuable names taken by Sunrise squatters.  Land rush folks appear scattered and disorganized, lacking the will and the resources to get any action.  This whole thing might blow over and ICANN and Afilias will take the money and do what ever they want to do.

From another perspective, it is risky for Afilias, and even ICANN, to alienate an entire class of customers.  This whole Sunrise fiasco could be like a thread on a garmet -- once you begin pulling on it, the whole garment unravels.  I have revised the DomeBase Proposal so that the main concept can still be implemented (I welcome feedback from those of you who are not weary of hearing me talk about it... I will not repost here).  ICANN and Afilias and the registrars can still implement the substance of it.  If not, there is a chance (granted a small one) that this whole issue could have major implications for future control of the DNS and the whole issue.  If I were ICANN or Afilias, I would not want to take this risk.

We shall see. Maybe Slicer will be right after all -- that what we do and say does not matter.  Or maybe otherwise.

Best wishes, mate.  I have appreciated your posts.



Link: revised DomeBase Proposal

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