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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Sun, September 23, 2001 at 6:17 PM GMT
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Subject: The case of William Lorenz will sink them


I am releasing the full correspondence of William Lorenz versus DomainBank on my website this Tuesday (after a legal period of due notification for DomainBank to respond)

Lorenz asked DomainBank TEN times to cancel and delete the invalid names registered by Afilias in his name.

Hal Lubsen's DomainBank said it was up to Hal Lubsen's Afilias. Hal Lubsen's Afilias did not reply. Requests for DomainBank to communicate with Afilias (ie for Hal Lubsen to speak to Hal Lubsen) were met, in the end, with silence. Evidently Hal had stopped talking to himself.

The refusal of both the companies that Lubsen helps run to delete the transparently invalid names his own companies had submitted and registered, leaves Lubsen in particular and the companies separately in various states of liability (arguably, subject to court judgement) to those honest Landrush pre-registrants who were defrauded by the process.

I am reliably informed that Irish law particularly lends itself well to a court judgement of this kind.

But the true significance of the Lorenz case, and an initial complainant, lies in the PRECEDENT it may set for THOUSANDS of other complainants.

First secure one judgements and the rest follow on the precedent.

The Lorenz case is almost unbelievable. He has been absolutely willing for all his names to be deleted and returned to Landrush customers, because he quite rightly insists they were never eligible in the first case.

Not only was acceptance of his absurd Trademark details (i.e. Trademark number = NONE repeated 91 times and the money pocketed by Lubsen) in breach of ICANN contract rules; the refusal of Afilias to delete these "NONSENSE" registrations leaves Afilias deeply answerable to complaints of loss by pre-registrants, because Afilias have failed to take reasonable action they COULD have taken to protect the interests of these customers.

I URGE the Afilias board and legal team to look closely at their liability NOW, because my lovelies, you're going down deeper and deeper - and the case of William Lorenz will sink you.

Rachel Macgregor

(PS rabbit - the other 16 items came through alright to me this time... in fact, perfect)       


Link: Look here on Tuesday night Eastern Time

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