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Username: richy
Date/Time: Mon, September 24, 2001 at 12:26 AM GMT
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Subject: A Dishonest Registrar Defends his Sunrise Applicants


This is a correspondence with a registrar whose name, for legal reasons I'm withholding. But it's an example of the mindset of a person I believe has got drawn into the realms of false trademark information:

"On a whole I understand your point of view with your web site, however I take exception to you listing us. I truly hope you understand that singling us out in this way hurts the little guy.  I'm stunned that you single us out.  Our sunrise registrations
amount to less then one percent of one percent. 

If what you and Bob Conner wish to do what is right, then start doing some fact finding with NSI and  They have masked tens of thousands of registrants." ***NB the assertion of the registrar, not of Richy Henderson***

"Yes some customers have played the system. We explained the process to customers and a number did what they felt was best for them. And again, we cannot stop speculators.  We cannot, we are not the Internet
police.  A registrar cannot be judge and jury.

Let me ask you a question, would you register your industry related generic names to protect your product from competitors?  And yes, during sunrise. When the entire Internet couldn't care less about your .info but your competitors may.  You have to make a judgment call.  Well many people have taken that approach.

And again, I know your position, as I do Bob's and every other Internet vigilante on this project.   I respect and understand the fact that no one likes seeing generic names get registered but we cannot stop it.

Please go over your site and remove our name where it is
appropriate.  And I can't emphasise enough that you and Bob have really missed the boat on not identifying bad registrants through NSI and  70,000 names to our 300.  Wow. Not fair." ***again, the view of the Registrar, not of Richy Henderson***

The correspondence continued again a few days later:

"Look I got caught up in the whole thing. We have a few TM's pending and although they don't match the names, again,I'm told that the inclusion and intent will go a long way for us.  I won't deny, that like others I had gone for two names I maybe should not have, but
considering I run a domain registrar, I could have gone for hundreds.

A year of my life has been invested in promoting the pre-reg process. Had I to do this over again, I would have simply waited for landrush.  This hell is just not worth it.  I feel bad for our customers, my customers, I feel bad that the system may have simply had it in for everyone from the get.  For our customers to type in a
short easy and memorable URL is what I want out of this now.

Can I answer questions candidly?  Sure, but I've been pretty straight up so far.  We explained to customers what was going to occur and many decided to place their most valued names in sunrise. We did not say "don't do it", we practically encouraged them, that is true.

Looking back it seems that it made perfect sense.  And I may not have mentioned, but only 3 challenges have come through on our customers.  It seems people like to complain for the sake of complaining.

This is a major blow to my esteem. I think that everything I've worked for could be gone because someone was so incensed over not being able to register a name that my business would be some attorneys dinner item. Don't think I don't consider the harsh possibilities. I want to keep my head low."

I will not be doing business with this company, ever.

But as far as I know, Afilias still IS.

Richy Henderson


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