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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Tue, September 25, 2001 at 3:46 PM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.7 using Windows NT
Subject: previous communications


The following is a post at Afternic on 8/13/2001 from an anonymous person using the name "untouchable" created a couple days earlier.  Note the derision of honest people cheated during the Sunrise Period.  Also note the use of the phrase "who are you to judge?  The anonymous writer seems to know a lot about the issue, but says that he is not a registrant.  What then is he? 

"You big babies. All I ever see at Afternic is whiners and complainers.  Wa wa wa... I didn't get a domain!  Or don't register a .info/.biz, they suck, I'd never get one of those --blah blah blah.  The same 9 guys post here all the time... I wonder if Afternic has any other users besides you clowns.  Fraudsters... wa wa wah... Who are you to judge?  You'd do anything you could to own or  My guess is you are all a bunch of cash poor peons with no vision but plenty of angst... I see here wanna be registrars and high school hacks that don't have time to work hard and realize THIS IS A BUSINESS. It is also the real world where some people are just plain smarter than you. And you neither see it or accept it. I swear Afternic forum is a day care center for cry babies.  And that is what you all are. A bunch of cry babies.  Do you have clue number one?  I'm amazed that you all want so hard to hurt registrants that did what any one of you would have--had you the tought to do so. It is so easy to complain. Try looking in the mirror and admitting you are just as human as the registrants you call "fruadsters". And for the record, I'm neither a "fraudster" or registrant. Just one guy that is standing back looking at a bunch of big cry babies posting all the time.  This .info is just the latest in months of posts here that do nothing but whine.  Wow... I'm glad I don't stop in often.  But when I do, it is always the same thing.  What a waste of energy.  Give other Americans a break, deal with it.  People registered names at sunrise, big deal. It could have been your cousin or neighbor, what difference does it really make, sunrise, landrush, 6th of November, if you really have a bug up your @$$ for a name, file a challenge.  But if you don't have a TM, you can be too.  So in the end, the folks that registered first should just be left alone or you waste everyones money.  The only people benefiting then are the registry engines. Oh you really need to give it a rest."


The following is an e-mail that I received from a registrar the very next day.  Note the boasting about the high percentage of (fraudulent) Sunrise registrations made through this registrar.  Also, note the phrase "who is to judge here?"   What conclusions would you draw by comparing these two -- one anonymous and the other identified the next day?  In light of this, if this registrar were now to ask to have their name removed from a list of those encouraging Sunrise fraud, how would you respond?  Should we ask afternic who "untouchable" really was?  Are they really "untouchable" after all?

"Dear ########## customer.


Tonight at midnight US Eastern Time zone, we make history; .info will go into a real-time or 'live' phase of registration.  At midnight tonight you should be able to make a real time sunrise registration. If for any reason our automated system is not ready, you can call the office at ######## and register real time by phone, manually.  For the record …In the last two weeks ######### has successfully registered a whopping 74% of all .info sunrise applications.

Allow me to also share some news on recent history regarding .info registrations.  It is unfortunate that many generic domains are registered during sunrise.  However we as Internet users should know by now that systems are built with safeguards and remedies for this very reason.  When a company such as Dupont registers without a TM, has gone to the wrong entity?  Who is to judge here?  I'm of the opinion that let he without sin cast the first stone.  This is how the real world operates.  You can either learn the system and work within it or get eaten up alive.  We are not endorsing users to register during sunrise, neither are we advising against it.  We are not a judge or jury we are a registrar.  Rules are in place and will be followed; it is really just that simple.


#### #######



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