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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Tue, September 25, 2001 at 9:14 PM GMT
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Subject: William Lorenz Correspondence - click on the link


Hal Lubsen's company accepted $16380 to submit fake applications from William Lorenz

Hal Lubsen's company broke the rules by doing so

Hal Lubsen's (other) company registered these fake applications

Hal Lubsen's companies (both) were asked to delete these ineligible names to undo the wrong - but didn't

Hal Lubsen's companies were asked AGAIN at least 12 times

Hal Lubsen's company (Afilias) had the contractual right to delete names, specifically ineligible names of this nature

Hal Lubsen's company's honest customers were defrauded by the submission and registration of these ineligible names

So it might be argued in court that they were "obstructive" in failing to take action they were capable of taking to prevent fraud; and they might be said to be "contributory" to the fraud by processing clearly fraudulent applications in breach of their own rules

The correspondence of WILLIAM LORENZ posted today at proves that DomainBank and Afilias were specifically asked to delete these names but failed to do so (even though there were contractual rights and obligations to do so)

In a court of law, pre-registrants who lost out because of this specific action and inaction (and we have complainants), might present a strong argument that their losses were the result of actions and decisions taken by these two company's.

Furthermore the precedent then paves the way for every other defrauded pre-registrant

Costs should include not only lost application fees but the cumulative expectation value of over 10000 names

Steps should then be taken to insist on the removal of those executives who presided over the roll-out, including the executives at ICANN who had powers to intervene

Rachel Macgregor

***the term "Hal Lubsen's company" refers to companies in which Hal Lubsen has either a share of ownership, or executive roles***     


Link: click here to see the William Lorenz case

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