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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Tue, September 25, 2001 at 11:33 PM GMT
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Subject: $505112 charged by Speednames for helping Plankenstein apply for 3981 fake names


...and then there's the $505112 charged by Speednames to apply on "Konrad Plankenstein"s behalf for 3981 names with false details - names he openly admits have no Trademarks why won't Afilias IMMEDIATELY delete these names, since they have a contractual right to, and - like William Lorenz - Konrad Plankenstein accepts that the names are ineligible (by Afilias's own terms)?

...and what made Speednames think they had the right to take half a million dollars (in the process hijacking most of the placenames in Switzerland and Austria) when the terms of the registry agreement make clear that false names should NOT be submitted

...did they seriously think no-one would spot these names, and did they seriously think Plankenstein had 3981 separate Trademarks (many dated over 100 years ago!)

...and what of Afilias's claims that false Trademark fraud amounts to only 10% of total registrations? One person has submitted virtually that percentage single-handedly! There are twice as many other names submitted by other people which are fraudulent! Or are Afilias trying to say that Plankenstein was the ONLY person doing it!

...and what of all the people who paid hard-earned money to take part in the randomised process for a specific name if it wasn't Trademarked (which these aren't!) ...what of their honesty? ...what of their integrity? ... will Afilias refund their money? Will Speednames refund their money? But it was Speednames who submitted all these names. It was Afilias who registered all these names. No-one forced them to.

The wonderful Afilias "community"!

A company that cares for its customers!

Especially if they pay $500000...      


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