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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Wed, September 26, 2001 at 12:27 AM GMT
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Subject: The decency of America


I'm sorry to touch on any raw nerves but I've never set out to court popularity with this group.

Frauds and cheats have emerged from all over the world in this Sunrise fiasco.

But the fact remains that ICANN and the Internet industry is American-led, and most of the major players in this Afilias/ICANN/registrars disgrace are American.

So I pose this question, appealling to American pride at a time when Americans SHOULD be proud:

Do Americans accept honesty or dishonesty? Courage or cowardice? Integrity or cheats? Openness or deception?

The behavior of ICANN, the behavior of Afilias, and of the American-led registrar industry in this .info affair, has brought shame on the GOOD and DECENT people of America

It's part of a culture that values profit above people; that condones cheating because its smart and normal business practice

These are values that betray the good and the brave and the noble of America

Do you know what really amazes me? These people haven't even bothered to say sorry!

They seem to inhabit a "spin" universe of their own creation, cut off from true American values, cut off from honest customers and their fair and reasonable complaints

Roland laPlante, to me, is a laughable figure - because he seems so tied up with the "spin"-imperatives of his corporate existence that he seems to believe the inane absurdities of his own utterances

-that the Sunrise is a "success"!

How can it be when so many of his honest customers are so justifiably aggrieved?

But does he come on this forum or any other forum to respond and listen and explain? Will he come on this forum now and respond to this post? OF COURSE NOT!

Because these people just HIDE and ignore and marginalise their customers and wish them to go away

Do decent Americans accept the standards of these organisations involved with the .info Sunrise disgrace?

Isn't this a time when people rally round what's right and decent and KIND!!!???


What an inexplicable term to a business that thinks of customers in terms of money and sees some people as expendible in pursuit of their financial goals...

And yet... and yet... I deeply believe that at the heart of American society is homeliness and kindness and family and honesty and respect for others

It's a dream of a true America that I've long held

In a dark and troublesome world, there is a light that shines somewhere in the heart of America -

A light that shows up the darkness for what it is, the sordid for what it is, the dishonest for what it is, the cowardly for what it is

In the words of one faith, at least: "The light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out."

So I repeat: Does ICANN make you feel proud? Does Afilias make you feel proud? Does Spy Productions make you feel proud? Does Domainbank make you feel proud? Do cheating Board Members make you feel proud? Does laPlante make you feel proud? Does Lubsen make you feel proud? Does Vint Cerf make you feel proud? Does Stuart Lynn make you feel proud?

This is a moment in history for Americans to rally around what is decent and brave and good - a moment in history for British too, and all peoples, to say wrong is wrong

As I say, I'm not looking for popularity. I have minimal cause for claiming any highground in my own life at all - like many people, I've messed up, I've been selfish, I've got things wrong

But this .info shame STINKS

And that's a shame for America

Of course there's more important things to worry about

But at a time when the best show the rest of us what decency is by their own sacrifice and example - how worthless some of these people seem to me

I can honestly say that the corrupt defrauding of many many ordinary decent people has SHOCKED me, and undermined my confidence in the American ideal

What SHOCKS me most is that people in power have done NOTHING, have watched and allowed and done NOTHING - when obvious proposals to do RIGHT were available...

...and in doing nothing, they have compounded an original fraud, by making it almost impossible to undo to the just reparation of honest decent customers

That really SHOCKS me - that seems so ignominious and "beneath" the kind of good ideals so many of us all round the world have been awakened to

The cowardly or corrupt or disinterested who do nothing

We all know, in these past weeks, that there is another way. Other people have shown us that.

I am not worthy of them. I can't speak for you. I can't speak for America either.

But I believe in America.

And I believe this .info disgrace has no part in it

Shoddy! Pathetic! Yuk! Cowards who could put what's right before their own self-interest, but choose not to! You disgust me



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