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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Wed, September 26, 2001 at 4:20 AM GMT
Browser: Netscape Communicator V4.74 using Windows 98
Subject: recipe for a fraudulent domain name registration -


If for instance you are cooking up a .info Sunrise phase fraudulent registration, you will require only three ingredients.  You don't need to have any previous experience at fraud - anyone can do it, it's easy with .info - but you will need a valid credit card with lots of available funds.

1) An individual with the intention to defraud:  When cooking a .info Sunrise fraudulent domain name registration you will also need two accomplices in addition to the individual with the intention to defraud.

2) A registrar prepared to be an accomplice to fraud: When cooking a fraudulent .info domain name registration, an individual with the intention to defraud will first need the assistance of a registrar to assist him/her to convert a fraudulent domain name registration application into a fraudulent domain name registration order.  Once this is achieved when cooking a fraudulent .info domain name registration, the hard work has been done, as all registrars prepared to be an accomplice to the fraud know which registry to approach to complete the fraud.

3)A registry prapared to be an accomplice to fraud: At this point the registry, whether you have permitted a registrar to falsify your trademark details for you, thought up you own which may have been as simple as 12345, or left the trademark details spaces completely blank, the accomplice registry will dutyfully and without question convert the registrar's fraudulent domain name registration order into a fraudulent domain name registration.

It can get any easier than that.  Can it!!!

You can get some really good names using this method - and it never fails if you find a registrar who is prepared to be an accomplice.  WARNING - it has come to my attention that some registrars have been spoil sports - motivated by bubbleheaded notions of fairness and responsibility - but these are few and far between, so don't sweat, chances are you will find an accomplice straight off.

You should be aware that cooking up a .info fraudulent domain name registration does have its costs and risks.

First up you have to part with five years rego - but this is a small price when you think of the value of owning all of Austria or the Hawaiian islands.  Hardly worth a minutes hesitation, is it.

Second, there is the matter of the Landrush applicants who over a period of many months may have been investing large sums of money in Landrush preregistrations, with the expectation that as the generics can't be trademarked, they would be available in the Landrush lottery.

Third and last is the matter of credibility and responsibility.  Both will be victims when you cook up a fraudulent .info Sunrise domain name registration with your registrar and the registry.

If .info fraud proves really popular and the registry did nothing to stop a flood of fraudulent registrations, then the credibility of the registry and with it the credibility of the .info extension would be trashed.

If the DNS regulatory authority was seen to do nothing, then it too could be claimed to be an accomplice through its inaction - through failure to exercise its responsibility to all Internet users, and its credibility too would be trashed.

So, all in all, this looks to be a fail safe recipe, all the risks seem to be someone elses - and hells bells - its worked over 10,000 times!

Heaven help the Landrushers - as ICANN and Afilias are looking like accomplices to fraud!



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