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Username: fred48
Date/Time: Wed, September 26, 2001 at 1:01 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 using Windows 98
Subject: No need to be sorry


Only the need for clear, unhysterical thinking.

Obviously, if you have a tld like say .afilias, and the tld is not in the root, you are not going to use that form to send an email. You will use a form that works like say And you will know to use that form because if someone is advertising their site, it will be made clear to use that long form or that they will have to download the plugin  with certain restrictions. But that is what is necessary at this point. It is not the big scary confusing thing that icann paints it to be in their own interest. We need to end the parroting and we need people to think for themselves. If you think or if anyone else thinks they could create their own tld, lets see you try it.  Afilias, with their gross incompetence, wouldnt last 5 seconds.

Icann is very scared of and for good reason. is gonna kick their ass.

I agree we need a governing body like icann. But as suggests, lets restrain them to a simple naming and authorization role and keep  the actual decisions about which tlds are selected to be approved to the market, a fairer system. A system that needs to be worked out but definitely something seperate from icann. from its very beginning has served icann notice. From the immediate sudden finding of funds to allow the new tlds to proceed (what was it gonna be march 2002?) to icann singling out in policy papers, is creeping death for the ineffective and poor serving icann.

You guys act like icann is going to change. Wake up. Without someone forcing their hand it will never happen. Just wait till icann uses this afilias disaster as an example of why we need to move even slower with new tld creation. It will be years before they approve anything else. Its a big circle game. Look at .web. .Web supporters think icann we actually approve them. Maybe in ten years but even that is doubtful. They are the model for icann sucker poster tlds.

This gives more time to build and expand their base of partnerships and isps and hopefully, more browsers. Once has a hold on the major browsers, in the words of Bob Dylan, its all over baby blue.

Unlike your icann/afilias thing here, has a lot of respect and support especially internationally and with its customers and its just a matter of time until makes icann in its present form irrelevant and meaningless.    

O yes the times, they are a changing.



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