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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Wed, September 26, 2001 at 6:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Still, way too many gaps, loop-holes and questions.


What happens if you challenge someone on the challenge deadline date? It will be too late for someone else to line up a challenge and most likely Afilias will not throw in a challenge of their own?

Does this mean that it will become a mad dash to the finish line on the last day? Also remember we have two dates, which one will it be, the first time Sunrise closed or the second time?

What if people rely on Afilias to challenge a specific name and they don't? Unless they specify and publicize their intentions long before the challenge window closes!!

How about Landrush registrations, are these immune from regular WIPO arbitration? If not then why should Sunrise be immune even after the end of the challenge period?

Maybe those questions are clearly answered in the book of rules but as legal issues typically go they are always open for interpretation until they are clarified by the entity that wrote the book. Who might that be? Is it ICANN, WIPO or Afilias???????      


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