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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Thu, September 27, 2001 at 12:44 AM GMT
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Subject: only an independent auditor will purge all frauds


While there are still months in which to lodge a challenge, to date there have only been a few hundred - one assumes from individuals with qualifying TM registrations against those with none.

The big losers have not been the bona fide Sunrise applicants, but the Landrushers, who until SpyProductions' announcement that the registry and most registrars would be accomplices to trademark fraud, had every right to believe that the challenge process might accommodate a few dozen disputes between qualifying TM holders and that the most prized 10,000 generics would be available come Landrush.

Afilias and ICANN could have precluded and halted the 10,000 plus incidents of cybersquatting, but chose not to do so.

In the absence of any meaningful communication from Afilias and ICANN regarding an acknowledgement that 10,000 plus instances of cybersquatting represents gross mismanagement and a problem requiring immediate action, it would appear that both are in denial, and not about to start behaving responsibly.

What hope the Landrushers when the performance of the executive of Afilias during the rollout would indicate they are incompetent or corrupt, and the regularity authority continues its three monkeys act.

I think we should assume that given the acumen that Afilias has shown to date - an Afilias challenge to disputed names not dealt with through WIPO will be bungled and the fraudsters will have smiles all over their faces.

It would not surprise me if Afilias plans to wait until the end of the Challenge period before commencing any of its own challenges to those names not already in the WIPO process.  As some fraudsters are already showcasing for sale their ill-gotten gains, an incomplete Afilias challenge at the time the freeze on transfers expires will see a landrush of .info names going to new owners.

I think the question now is - what steps do concerned citizens like the posters at this forum have to take to have an independent auditor take responsibility for the checking of all .info Sunrise applications in order that instances of fraud can be referred to the courts and the freed names released to the original Landrushers?


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