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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, September 28, 2001 at 2:27 PM GMT
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Subject: back at the north pole, the reindeer got to talking


"Hey Blitzen!"
"What is it Rudi?"
"You know how all the good kids this year sent money with their toy orders, because we told them that this years toys were going to be the best ever - and then the bad kids stole all the best toys while Santafilias was goofin off."
"Yeah", said Blitzen.
"Well", said Rudoplh, "Santafilias is putting it around that the reindeer got to keep the kids' money and that it is our fault that the best toys were stolen."
"That bastard", said Blitzen who had come to enjoy the sting of Santafilias's whip on his rump and had entered into a pretty heavy BDSM sceen with the fat old guy and his missus.  "Can you believe that bullshit!" said Blitzen licking his nose piercing and rubbing the tattoo on his left shoulder.  "Didn't we always give Santafilias his share! Boy, just wait 'til the next time he asks me to give him a pull and I will tell him he can go and pull himself!  By the way Rudi - why is your nose so red?"
"I'm not sure," said Rudolph, "but it could have been all those sugar cubes and candy canes those naughty kids were feeding us while they unloaded all the best toys. I must have eaten too much, because when I fart, I fart candy floss, and I still have ringing in my ears," said Rudolph.      
"You've still got ringing in your ears because you are still wearing your sleigh bells" said Blitzen.
"That's right," said Rudolph, "I didn't take them off because I thought we were supposed to do another trip to the good kids with the best toys that Santafilias said he was going to get back from the bad kids."
"Yeah, yeah" said Blitzen, "You know what Santafilias is like - he will say anything to get out of a spot.  It's August already and he hasn't retieved the best toys yet.  I think you can take off your sleigh beels."


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