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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Fri, September 28, 2001 at 6:21 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: This should be made apply to .info


Judge Blocks (Some) .biz Registrations

I'm told by a usually reliable source that the Judge in the Smiley case today issued a temporary injunction (Not-see below) prohibiting NewLevel, the .biz registry, from allowing the registration of any name for which more than one person applied. Names for which there were only one application can go live on schedule. Next hearing scheduled for on Oct.10. More details (or corrections) as and when they are available.

UPDATE: The ICANN Blog carries a more careful account of the event, so I've changed the headline above from the original version which said a TRO had issued. It seems that that the Judge didn't actually issue a TRO, he only threatened to; in order to avoid this, NeuLevel promised the court not to activate registrations on any of the names with multiple applicants for the time being.

I understand that the judge has also asked for further briefing on a number of issues, including

Whether a lottery is the only way to assign names, or if there are viable alternatives
What the US government's position on all this is [That should be interesting...]
What would be an appropriate bond

I gather the order was issued from the bench, meaning that other than the actual trial transcript there may be no written order (and thus nothing to link to, for now at least).

It would be really interesting to know how many .biz registrations are affected by this order.


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