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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Sat, September 29, 2001 at 2:04 PM GMT
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Subject: also agree that there should be culpability


for abuses of registry/registrar reserved names (e.g. Hawaii, Nudes, Search [trademarked by someone else])

for encouragement of fraud (one particular registrar who sent e-mails)

However, it is apparent that there is a huge gap between what should be and what is... COmplaints and e-mails seem to make little difference.  Classic case of unregulated monopoly/oligopoly with little concern for customers and even pockets of abusive/dishonest behavior.  When I started this, I knew nothing about ICANN and all this stuff.  Now I see what ICANN watchers have been sayhing about the authority of a quasi-governmental agency without the accountability.  This whole business is like a public utility with monopoly power that abuses customers without accountability.  Interestingly, they even abuse the honest registrars.  All the registrars had to sign confidentiality agreements, but I bet if you were to contact them today, you would find huge levels of frustration among most of them as well. 

If this were my full-time job, I would try to tap into the  frustration of key constituencies that Afilias does care about to push for action. 


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