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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, September 30, 2001 at 1:40 AM GMT
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Subject: don't ever forget that we've been screwed by experts


Should the day ever arrive that the Landrush applicants learn whether they have won anything of value in the .info extension - I want all of you who purchased preregistrations for names that Afilias registered for cybersquatters in Sunrise to think what might have been, had we been dealing with a responsible and accountable registry and what names you may have won in an equitable Landrush.

I would like you to think about those business plans you had been refining for heaven knows how long, and how they and the time and energy you put into them are now for nothing or at leat diminished, because Afilias was permitted by the regulatory authority to check the bona fides of the applicants in Sunrise - a restricted period for trade and service mark holders - after the registrars had checked the TM fraudsters' credit card details and AFTER the registry Afilias had registered names with often patently fraudulent TM registration details.

I would like you to think about the exciting challenges and rewards you had imagined from developing those sites and businesses and the lifestyle changes you had hoped to avhieve for yourself, your partner and your family.

I would like you to remember whenever Afilias deign to advise us of the Landrush results, that the registry has yet to advise us or their registrars for that matter, what steps if any they are taking to organise a Landrush II, in order that you have a chance to win those really top names in which you invested so much money, which without a Landrush II will be just another Afilias bonus to their registrars.

I would like you to remember that some of the Sunrise fraudsters are now showcasing for sale the names that may have been yours, had we not had the misfortune to be dealing with a company like Afilias in an industry with a rugulatory authority like ICANN.

I would like you to remember the shoddy, no, shameful way in which Afilias has communicated with its customers once it became apparent that thousands of cybersquatters were registering the most popular generics in Sunrise, never once mentioning its Landrush investors, describing instead what a success the .info rollout had been.

I would like you to remember that on the eve of the much delayed Landrush that Afilias has not yet given a firm undertaking to retrieve the .info domain names fraudulently taken in some instances by Afilias staff and registrars, or that it will take action on behalf of the Landrush applicants who bought preregistrations for the names taken by registrars, in some instances after the names had been registered to registrars.

I would like you to remember the the ICANN/DNSO correspondence which indicated that ICANN was aware of the cybersquatting by Afilias and that it was felt there were ample grounds to cancel Afilias's registry license, but that that was unlikely due to the close relationship of the ICANN and Afilias BoDs.

I would like you to remember that in the Policy Deliverables document - Description of TLD Policies - part of the bid documents to ICANN that Afilias used to win the right to administer the .info registry ahead of other companies - Afilias stated that it appreciated that IP abuses may occur in the event that a new gTLD is not introduced in a responsible manner, and so to minimise such abuses Afilias would implement and monitor policies which included "Requiring registrars to obtain true and accurate registration information from all domain name registrants."

I would like you to remember what SpyProductions did (and UKreg apparently), namely, announced to the world that Afilias was administering the .info rollout in contravention of it Policy Deliverables undertakings - and that as the registry and most registrars would be looking the other way - after checking credit card details - would assist anyone to commit TM fraud and register Sunrise names for them, whether or not the applicant bothered to fake TM registration details.

I would like you to remember PSI Japan's Bob Connelly's resignation from Afilias with the comments along the lines that the .info rollout was an abomination and that Afilias apparently cared nothing about its responsibilities to the communities its served. From my own experience of Bob Connelly, he is the sort of man, who had he been in charge at Afilias, none of this would have happened and we would have had our Landrush names - all of them, not just the leftovers - a fortnight ago.

I will finish this diatribe with the comment that you should not be satisfied with what you win in Landrush if you spent money preregistering names fraudulently registered in Sunrise; don't be satisfied with the inevitable spin of Roland LaPlante's summation of the process; don't be satisfied that Afilias was doing this for the first time and that mistakes were bound to happen; don't be satisfied that everything will fix itself without continuing pressure way past Landrush from the likes of the posters that have emerged at this forum; and don't be satisfied unless you personally make a contribution to that pressure to bring changes to Afilias and ICANN so that this abomination is never repeated.

Good luck Landrushers.


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