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Username: gckorn
Date/Time: Sun, September 30, 2001 at 9:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Sept 12 makes perfect sense


The September 12 "registration" date makes perfect sense:

1.  Some registrars submitted their initial data to Afilias as early as September 12.  That was because, as originally anticipated, landrush queues would be run before the 19th and there it made sense, to some registrars, to simply send to Afilias what they had when they had it. 

2.  With this in mind, you next have to understand how the queues get "built."  It is not simply a matter of a "queue" that the registrar builds and then sends.  Rather, the queue in fact gets built AT AFILIAS, with data submitted to it by the registrar.

3.  The September 12 date is obviously a time-stamped date upon which Afilias RECEIVED the original data for a particular registrar's queue.  (Not also that the registrar could continue building its queue at Afilias through the 18th, notwithstanding that it had sent some data earlier.)

All in all, therefore, the fact that some registrations show as effective 9/12 makes perfect sense to me. That simply is the date that these particularly entries were received at (and therefore time-stamped by) Afilias.  It has nothing to do when actual landrush processing occurred.

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